PCMag’s “The Best Photo Scanners for 2023”

Time to convert your snapshots, slides, and negatives to digital format? Get the job done quickly with the right photo scanner. Here are the top performers in our testing, along with our deep-dive reviews.

The Best Photo Scanners for 2023 from PCMag

The Best Photo Scanners for 2023 from PCMag

Both photo buffs and family archivists often turn to photo scanners to digitize their prints and film. Photo scanners are set apart by features such as a high sensor resolution and the ability to scan transparencies (slides and negatives) in addition to photo prints. Many include software to help retouch scans and remove scratches.

Though built to handle photos, most photo scanners can also be used for general-purpose scanning, and some include optical character recognition (OCR) software for digitizing the occasional document. This is a niche segment of the hardware market; you’ll see relatively few dedicated photo scanners on the market, and they tend to have very long shelf lives. (As you peruse and click on our models summed up above and below, you’ll note that many were reviewed years ago. Yes, they’re still the current models.) Check out summaries of our still-current favorites below, followed by a guide to choosing the right model for you, and then a detailed spec table of all our recommended models.

Read the entire review at PCMag.

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