PCMag’s The Best Cheap Printers for 2022

Office moved home during the pandemic, or have a student who needs to churn out quick report drafts? The humble desktop printer will never die—and it’s handy for quick copies and scans, too. See our top printer picks under $200, backed by PC Labs’ decades of hands-on reviews.

The Best Cheap Printers for 2022 at PCMAg

The Best Cheap Printers for 2022 from PCMag

For most of the Information Age, countless pundits (this author among them) predicted that, sooner or later, much of the world’s workforce would be working from home. Fewer office skyscrapers, less drain on fossil fuels, goodbye to nasty traffic snarls—remote work would no longer be just for a select few professionals. As it happened, it took a global pandemic to bring governments and companies to their work-from-home senses—and to revitalize interest in affordable hardware, including the oft-neglected printer.

Today, even as the pandemic seems to be (fingers crossed) winding down, venturing out to Kinko’s or Staples to make prints and copies doesn’t have the appeal it once did. Even part-time home-based workers, not to mention families and students, need to print, scan, and make copies, and maybe even send the occasional fax. And while co-workers in a corporate office might share the same high-volume printer, smaller settings and smaller budgets call for diverse desktop printers. We’ve collected our under-$200 favorites from recent reviews. Check them out, then keep reading to learn what to look for as you shop for your next affordable printer.

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