CZUR’s ET24 Pro Combination Book and Overhead Scanner – PCMag Editors’ Choice

Capture book pages—and lots more—with a sharp eye

CZUR ET24 Pro Review at PCMag

CZUR ET24 Pro Review at PCMag


The CZUR ET24 Pro is not just a book or magazine scanner—it digitizes just about anything you can put on the scanning pad. Plus, some extra features facilitate online meetings, presenting, and teaching.

MSRP $629.00

    • Automatic focus and page-turn detection
    • Can operate via a desk button or a foot pedal
    • HDMI video output
    • Business-card archiving
    • Accurate OCR
    • No wireless connectivity or support for handheld devices
    • Lacks networking
    • No battery for off-plug operation

CZUR ET24 Pro Review –
By William Harrel – August 8, 2022

Over the past few years, book or overhead scanners have made giant strides in output quality and features. Today’s CZUR (pronounced “Caesar”) ET24 Pro ($629), a direct competitor to the Editors’ Choice award-winning IRIScan Desk 6 Business Scanner, raises the bar for the functionality and capacity of these niche devices. It has higher resolution than its predecessor, support for A3 and larger input or source documents, an HDMI port for recording and presenting, and more. The ET24 Pro’s list price is $180 higher than the Desk 6’s, but as with most tech products, that should come down after a month or two. Even as is, the CZUR replaces the IRIScan as our current Editors’ Choice favorite among professional-grade overhead scanners for small and midsize offices, presenters, teachers, and others in need of its very specific talents.

Read the entire review at PCMag.

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