CZUR’s Shiniest Shine Ultra Pro Book and Overhead Presentation Scanner

Book and magazine pages have met their match

CZUR Shine Ultra Pro Review at PCMag

CZUR Shine Ultra Pro Review at PCMag


The CZUR Shine Ultra Pro overhead book scanner captures and digitizes just about everything and offers several features designed to facilitate teaching, presenting, and online meetings.

MSRP $299.00

      • Accurate OCR with high-res camera
      • Strong software bundle
      • Autofocus and page-turn detection
      • Business card archiving and financial document scanning
    • No wireless connectivity
    • Lacks battery and networking
    • No handheld device support

CZUR Shine Ultra Pro Review –
By William harrel – May 3, 2022

The CZUR Shine Ultra Pro ($299) is the flagship model of the CZUR Shine series of overhead (a.k.a. book) scanners, as well as a sibling to the CZUR ET16 Plus that won an Editors’ Choice award in February 2018. It’s also a direct competitor to our more recent Editors’ Choice winner the IRIScan Desk 6 Pro Scanner and its own relative the Desk 6 Business. Like the two IRIScan models, the Shine Ultra Pro supports document pages up to tabloid size (A3 or 11 by 17 inches). What’s different is that it’s adjustable, folding up for storage and travel. And though it performs well with most types of media, the Ultra Pro isn’t, according to the company, the strongest book scanner in the CZUR stable—it’s a personal or consumer overhead scanner, while the ET16 Plus and ET18 Pro are professional-grade devices. Still, in my tests it capably scanned everything I threw at it, and it works well as a remote teaching and learning tool and for online conferences and presentations in small offices, workgroups, and classrooms.

Read the entire review at PCMag.

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