“Word Processor or Desktop Publisher” – A January 1993 Feature Story by William Harrel in PCWorld

The debate: whether Windows word  processors stand up to low-end desktop publishers for creating simple reports, brochures, and newsletters. We test six  packages to find the smart choice.

Word Processor or Desktop Publisher at PCWord

Word Processor or Desktop Publisher?
By William Harrel
June 1993

If you’re a Windows user, you already have a word processor—probably Microsoft Word for Windows, Ami Pro, or WordPerfect for Windows. These brawny $500 beasts can’t be beat when it comes to writing basic documents and print¬
ing them on the office laser. But what if you want more? What if you’re interested in cranking out slick-looking reports, newsletters, and other documents?

You could plunk down an additional $700 to $900 and get a high-end desktop publishing  package such as PageMaker, Ventura Publisher, QuarkXPress, or FrameMaker. If you’re in the publishing business, this is the only way to go.  Most of us aren’t, however; we’re standard business users and our needs are simpler. Luckily we have two reasonable alternatives.

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