Apple Picks PCI – 1995 Review of the First Macs to Deploy PCI Bus, by Contributing Editor, William Harrel

Macintosh mavens claim the PowerPC is the fastest processor available. But those of who use both Power Macs and Pentiums know that Pentiums run cross-platform applications faster–in many cases, much faster.

Home Office Computing 1995-11: Vol 13 Iss 11

Apple Picks PCI  Home Office Computing, 1995 Vol 13
By Contributing Editor, William Harrel

It’s 1995, and Apple is finally moving away from its proprietary architecture and toward running macOS on Intel’s x86 architecture. Macs got faster and, because of increased compatibility with the rest of the computer world, easier and less costly to upgrade. This 1995 article in Home Office Computing pretty much sums up what most of us in  IT journalism were thinking. Anything is better than the current state of the Macintosh.

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