The Selpic P1 Handheld Inkjet Printer Prints Like a Marker

An inkjet printer that thinks it’s a pen

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By William Harrel-September 3, 2020

Selpic P1 Review at PCMag


The Selpic P1 is a low-cost, easy-to-use handheld inkjet that’s surprisingly useful for printing on a variety of media and objects in homes and small offices.

MSRP $99.00


    • Sleek, miniature design
    • Can print from PC and mobile apps
    • Decent print quality
    • Reasonable running costs
    • Eight swappable ink colors


    • Prints only a single color
    • Price doubles in October 2020

Touted by its manufacturer as the world’s smallest inkjet printer, the Selpic P1 ($99 through September 2020; $199 thereafter) is a palm-size gadget suitable for printing directly on an array of objects and materials. It resembles the Editors’ Choice Colop e-mark “digital rubber stamp” I reviewed here in February. Like the $349.99 e-mark, the P1 is designed for printing labels, bar codes, QR codes, logos, and other imprints on a variety of media, ranging from paper and label stock to cloth and packaging material. An important difference between the P1, the Colop e-mark, and some other handheld printers is that while the Selpic supports multiple ink colors, it can use only one at a time, while some competing devices combine base colors to deliver full-color prints. Given its low price, ease of use, and good print quality, however, it’s an inexpensive, handy means of labeling, barcoding, and decorating just about anything, and therefore a logical Editors’ Choice for low-cost handheld printers.

Read the entire review at PCMag

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