Epson’s Versatile All-Purpose Industrial-Grade LabelWorks LW-PX750PCD Kit Label Printer

Robust pro labeling on all kinds of materials


By William Harrel – August 17, 2020

Epson LabelWorks LW-PX750PCD Kit Review at PCMag


Epson’s LabelWorks LW-PX750PCD Kit churns out labels on a deep variety of sticky stock, making it a good-value label printer for office and industrial use.

MSRP $299.99


    • Designed for a wide range of labeling applications
    • Broad selection of label media and materials
    • Clear print quality
    • Easy to use and load
    • Automatic cutter
    • Versatile software


    • Can’t accept input from handheld devices
    • Expensive consumables
    • No internal battery

Epson’s LabelWorks LW-PX750PCD Kit ($299.99) is an entry-level professional-grade labeling system designed for use in small offices, around warehouses, and for data and electrical wiring jobs. Something of a step down from the Brady BMP21-Plus Printer Kit reviewed here earlier this year, the LW-PX750PCD lets you design labels on your desktop PC or laptop (but, unfortunately, not from most mobile devices). Also, like the BMP21-Plus, you can design and print your labels from a built-in keyboard and display. Taken against some competitors, the LW-PX750PCD is somewhat expensive to use on an ongoing basis, but it’s highly versatile from a media-availability point of view, and reasonably priced, making it an excellent alternative to some of the more costly industrial labeling solutions.

Read the entire review at PCMag

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