Xerox’s B210 Inexpensive, Economical-to-Use Single-Function Monochrome Laser Printer

Review of the Xerox B210 at PCMag

  • PROS

    Relatively fast. Good print quality. High input capacity. High maximum and recommended volume ratings. Reasonable cost per page. 

  • CONS

    Lacks Wi-Fi Direct. No USB thumb drive support.


    The Xerox B210 is relatively fast, it prints well, and its long-term costs are affordable, making it an excellent entry-level single-function monochrome printer.

ByWilliam Harrel October 14, 2019 5:11PM EST
Editors’ Rating: GOOD

The Xerox B210 ($149.99), part of a new round of the company’s monochrome laser printers, is a print-only, low-cost, entry-level machine designed for use in a home-based or small office. This small-but-mighty printer produces quality output, is affordable to use, and has a respectable paper capacity. All these perks, along with its budget-friendly price, make it an excellent value and an Editors’ Choice for entry-level monochrome laser printers.

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