IRIScan’s Desk 5 Pro Versatile Overhead Book Scanner

Review of the IRIScan Desk 5 Pro at PCMag

  • PROS

    Accurate OCR. Relatively fast. Strong software bundle with business card archiving. Page-turn detection.

  • CONS

    Lacks wireless and mobile connectivity. No battery.


    The IRIScan Desk 5 Pro is a versatile and highly accurate overhead book scanner designed for tethering to your PC or laptop.

ByWilliam Harrel September 27, 2019 2:18PM EST
Editors’ Rating: Excellent

The IRIScan Desk 5 Pro ($299) looks more like an office lamp than a scanner, but don’t let appearances fool you. This is a powerful, highly accurate performer that costs less than many of its competitors. An overhead scanner, the Desk 5 Pro nimbly scans book and magazine spreads, documents, ID and other cards, and some 3D objects. It also scans large areas at a high resolution, making it an easy shoo-in as our Editors’ Choice for overhead scanners.

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