The Best Android Office Suites For 2019

These days, when most people think of office suites (integrated word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, and personal information managers), Microsoft Office or Google Drive Office Suite come to mind – and for good reason.

Both are well-developed and highly effective solutions for creating, managing, and archiving business documents, as well as generating, responding to, and collecting correspondence data.

It’s these two powerhouses, Google and Microsoft office suites (both developed and offered by two of the biggest corporations in the world), that set the standards. But Microsoft has always been the stalwart in office productivity software, and their massive resources have allowed it to relentlessly develop and implement at a rate with which smaller software developers couldn’t keep up.

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As the number of computer technology enthusiasts grew exponentially, at an astonishing rate, Microsoft responded with frequent and fascinating upgrades to Word and Excel, its core digital office word processing and spreadsheet programs. Shortly after that, Microsoft rounded out the suite by integrating its well-received PowerPoint presentation software, followed by a powerful combination email client and personal information manager, or PIM, called Outlook.

Over the next few years, Microsoft Office saw the occasional addition (and often subsequent removal) of other programs and utilities, including desktop publishing (Microsoft Publisher) and project management (Microsoft Project) applications.

From a time perspective, Google’s Drive and office suite apps were, despite their enormous success, late bloomers. While they didn’t, by way of advancing office document suite technology, bring much to the party, Google Drive and its office apps (Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides, have played a significant role in promoting cloud-based office productivity software.

Since the Android operating system is also one of Google’s massive endeavors, development of Google Drive and office suite apps native to that platform is yet another of the company’s impetus.

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