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As an Internet device, your Android smartphone or tablet, just like the family PC, allows access to all sorts of things your children don’t need to see or participate in. Just as important, though, are the messaging, banking, and many other apps that are not only private but also vulnerable.

While you might not mind letting your little (and not-so-little) ones play with your smartphone now and then, you don’t want them installing potentially damaging or inappropriate apps or launching existing ones and inadvertently altering or deleting critical data.

Out of the box, Google’s Android comes with several features for making your device kid-safe, including the ability to create and subsequently set restrictions on secondary and guest user accounts. However, Samsung and some other phone manufacturers and cellular service providers have dropped multi-users from their feature sets.

Multi-users are available on Samsung’s Galaxy (and most other) tablets, however. Inconsistency across devices is an unfortunate drawback to Android’s otherwise powerful and versatile open-source programming.

Hence, when discussing how to make your Android device kid-safe, we must look at two scenarios: using Android’s built-in features where they’re available, or installing a third-party kid-friendly app. The good news is that there are several of them, including Google’s own free Family Link app.

No matter which method you use, a sure way to keep your child from using your device without your permission is to set up one of Android’s several screen lock options.

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