Two Years’ of Ink and Strong Feature Set with HP’s OfficeJet Pro Premier All-in-One Printer

Review of the HP OfficeJet Pro Premier All-in-One Printer at PCMag

  • PROS

    Stylish, light, and compact build. Good print quality. Free ink for two years. Auto-duplexing ADF. Built-in firewall.

  • CONS

    Pricey. Low recommended monthly volume.


    The HP OfficeJet Pro Premier is a compact and stylish inkjet all-in-one that produces quality output and comes with two years worth of ink.

ByWilliam HarrelJune 10, 2019 3:35PM EST
Editors’ Rating: EXCELLENT

HP’s recent round of business-centric OfficeJet Pro all-in-one printers look like they were designed by architects, rather than tech designers and engineers, and this latest flagship of the bunch, the OfficeJet Pro Premier ($399.99), is the fanciest. It’s not all about looks, though. It also has a robust feature set, prints well, and comes with a free two-year subscription to HP’s Instant Ink program, meaning, as long as you stay within the pages-per-month confines of that service, you won’t have to pay for ink for a couple years. These perks make the OfficeJet Pro Premier a more-than-capable machine and first-rate value for micro and small offices and work groups.

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