Terrific Print Quality with Ricoh’s SP 330DN Single-Function Monochrome Printer

Review of the Ricoh SP 330DN at PCMag

  • PROS

    High maximum and recommended volume ratings. Good print quality. Easy to use.

  • CONS

    High running costs for its rated print volume. Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Direct cost extra. Lacks USB thumb drive support.


    The monochrome single-function Ricoh SP 330DN prints well and is capable of churning out thousands of pages a month, but its high running costs make that an expensive proposition.

ByWilliam Harrel  June 14, 2019 2:32PM EST
Editors’ Rating: GOOD

The Ricoh SP 330DN Black and White Laser Printer ($195) is an entry-level single-function monochrome machine designed for use in small offices, or as a personal laser printer. It produces good-looking black and grayscale output, and it’s plenty fast enough for the price. It also has high maximum monthly duty and recommended print volume ratings. But, like many laser printers in this class, it’s plagued with running costs high enough to relegate it to low-volume applications, such as sales desks and similar environments where churning out quick one- or two-page quotes, receipts, and similar documents is the norm.

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