The 10 Best Budget, Midrange, and Flagship Android Phones for 2019

Since most Android smartphone makers, especially the leading manufacturers, update their wears annually and at varying times throughout the year, writing an up-to-date comparison of the top models is a bit of a juggling act.

As I write this, for example, Samsung is starting to ship the Galaxy S10 and S10+, two of its top (or flagship) phones for release on March 8, 2019, which means that it will become available shortly before this article posts.

In addition, prices and operating system updates are in a constant state of flux throughout the year, making zeroing in on how much each phone sells for and what operating system it comes with moving targets, too. I must pick something, right?

So, to even the playing field, for pricing info I’ve chosen to use the current Amazon price as I write about each individual model. It will be slightly higher or lower wherever you buy your phone, and carriers (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and so on) offer constantly changing specials when you sign up for service.

For the operating system (OS) installed on each device, by now, Android 9 (or Pie) is available for most models, so, the OS listed is the highest version available, again, at the time I write about each specific device.

Since the first rollout of the next version of Android won’t happen until August or so, and then only on Google’s Pixel devices initially, those devices that are running Android 9 now will do so for a while. Yes, there will be incremental updates, but for the most part the OS version is consistent—for now.

Currently a contributing editor at PCMag, William Harrel has been writing about computer technology for more than 30 years, since well before the advent of the internet and has authored or coauthored more than 20 books.

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