10 iOS Launchers for Android to Alleviate Your iPhone Envy

While it’s true that Android devices dominate the smartphone market, the users of iPhones seem to have a much more fervent love affair going with iOS than do the users of the world’s most popular mobile operating system.

A primary reason that Android sales prevail is that Apple’s hardware costs so much more than most of the machines designed to run Google’s OS. (But that’s not to say, of course, that there aren’t several premium-priced Androids out there, but that’s another story.)

The good news is that, with the numerous Android-based iOS launchers available, you can turn even the simplest, lowest-cost Android smartphone into a reasonable iPhone facsimile.

The more practical among us choose Android not only to save money on hardware, but also because, as the predominant operating system, it has the most convenience and productivity apps available.

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