HP’s Sprocket 2nd Edition – Improved Output, Fashion Colors, Lower Running Costs and More

Review of the Sprocket 2nd Edition at PCMag

  • PROS

    Impressive print quality. Lower price and running costs than original Sprocket. Expressive colors. Sprocket App has lots of new functionality. Nascent augmented-reality aspects.

  • CONS

    A few features (notably, multi-user connections and print queue) are under-developed.


    HP’s Sprocket 2nd Edition portable photo printer costs less than the original and stands out with its unique design and quirky AR angle. But most impressive is the improved print quality.

Get Dieter and Helmut out of your head: You’re thinking of the wrong Sprockets. The HP Sprocket 2nd Edition ($129.99), a pocket-size portable snapshot printer, is the company’s third by that name, replacing the popular original Sprocket reviewed in December 2016. Since then, we’ve tested similar models from Canon, Kodak, and Lifeprint, but we didn’t find one worthy of our Editors’ Choice nod until the HP Sprocket Plus came along in mid-2018. The Sprocket 2nd Edition’s beefed-up feature list, funky augmented-reality angle, and impressive output-quality overhaul represent big steps forward for this fun device. Our new Editors’ Choice, the HP Sprocket 2nd Edition ends its sibling’s short reign as PCMag’s top portable photo printer.

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