Upgrading the HP Sprocket to the Slightly Larger, More Versatile HP Sprocket Plus

Editors' Choice

  • PROS

    Decent print quality for a Zink-based model. Makes slightly larger prints than Sprocket predecessor. App is easy to set up and use.

  • CONS

    Can’t print from a PC. Running costs, like with most Zink printers, are a bit high.


    An update to HP’s popular Sprocket portable photo printer, the Sprocket Plus prints larger pics, and its software packs a wide range of effects. It’s the most versatile model of its kind.

The HP Sprocket Plus ($149.99) is an update to the HP Sprocket portable photo printer we reviewed late last year. This newer iteration prints 30 percent larger photos (they are 2.3 by 3.4 inches, versus the original’s 2 by 3 inches), and the quality is better, too. The Sprocket and Sprocket Plus aren’t unique; they compete with similar products from Canon, Kodak, Lifeprint, Polaroid, and a few others. While most of these pocket photo printers, in terms of print quality, speed, and running costs, are near equals, the slightly bigger prints and the new functionality in its app set the Sprocket Plus apart from the pack—enough to elevate it to our latest Editors’ Choice for portable photo printers.

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