Budget Networking with Epson’s WorkForce ES-500W Wireless Duplex Document Scanner

Review of the Epson WorkForce ES-500W Wireless Duplex Document Scanner at PCMag[amazon_link asins=’B01M686HSS’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’store-1′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’cab4c9e1-c70c-11e7-bc3f-b7afa91455ca’]We’re seeing an increasing number of network-capable sheet-feed document scanners lately, including the $399.99 Epson WorkForce ES-500W Wireless Duplex Document Scanner [amazon_link asins=’B01M686HSS’ template=’CopyOf-PriceLink’ store=’store-1′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’d8b70fb7-c70c-11e7-a65d-b3deb3184632′] we’re reviewing here. But the ES-500W is somewhat different in that it’s not often that we see network functionality on an entry-level scanner like this one. (Epson does offer a non-Wi-Fi version of the ES-500W, the ES-400 [amazon_link asins=’B01M4NANZ6′ template=’CopyOf-PriceLink’ store=’store-1′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’ed087a40-c70c-11e7-aa5d-a79c18d37e22′], for $50 less.) The ES-500W is fast for its class, and it saves to image and searchable PDF at a good clip for the price. Optical character recognition (OCR) accuracy is a bit below average, though, but it comes with a well-rounded software bundle that includes document and business card archiving software.

Overall, we found the ES-500W impressive, but its mediocre OCR accuracy dinged it just enough to cause it to come up short in dethroning the Editor’s Choice Canon imageFormula DR-C225 [amazon_link asins=’B00LBVUIV8′ template=’CopyOf-PriceLink’ store=’store-1′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’001bbf3c-c70d-11e7-8a67-8311d4929f34′] as our go-to low-to mid-volume document scanner for a small or micro office. We also like it as a personal document scanner, though in that capacity its OCR accuracy falls short of the Editors’ Choice HP ScanJet Pro 3000 s3 Sheet-Feed Scanner.[amazon_link asins=’B01M080546′ template=’CopyOf-PriceLink’ store=’store-1′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’0e6c4c8a-c70d-11e7-ad5e-cb61bcc6f5da’]

Read the entire review at PCMag


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