Elegant interface and networking with Canon’s imageFormula ScanFront 400

Canon imageFormula ScanFront 400 at PCMagThe Canon imageFormula ScanFront 400 ($1,995) is comparable in speed and duty cycle to several much less expensive document scanners, including the Editors’ Choice Epson WorkForce DS-860. Unlike most, however, it is a “networked” scanner that has no USB port for connecting directly to a single PC, though it does have three USB 2.0 ports for connecting peripherals, such as a mouse, keyboard, and thumb drive. It resembles other models in the ScanFront family, with a control panel consisting of a touch screen that acts as an interface to a full-blown tablet-like operating system. And, like some other Canon document scanners we’ve reviewed, it saves to image PDF and searchable PDF formats faster than most competitors.

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