OKI Data’s B412dn Monochrome Single-Function Laser-Class Printer

My review of the OKI B412dn Monochrome Printer at About.comAbout.com has about run the gamut on OKI Data’s most recent round of LED-based monochrome laser-class printers, with today’s model, the $199 MSRP B412dn, being the smallest and least expensive—well, at least in terms of purchase price, anyway. In any case, just as the previous single-functionB432dn and B512dn models, as well as multifunction versions like the MB492, impressed us, so did this little B412dn, especially where it counts: print quality, performance, and cost per page.

Notice also that I call this a “laser-class” printer, rather than a plain ol’ “laser” printer. The difference between light-emitting diode-, or LED-based printers, and actual laser-based machines are described in this About.com “Laser-Class LED Printers” article.

Read the entire article at About.com

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