High-Resolution Scans with Epson’s Perfection V19 Color Scanner

Epson Perfection V19 Color ScannerI want to say something like, “It’s utterly amazing how clear and vibrant of scans you can get with today’s under-$100 photo scanners.” But I’ve been using desktop scanners and writing about imaging technology for nearly 30 years, and I’m here to tell you that scanning technology has been perfected for quite some time now; there would be no excuse for a company with a reputation like Epson’s to produce a scanner incapable of turning out good-looking scans, right?

That would be news!

Perhaps not as earth-shaking as a scanner by Epson that didn’t scan well would be (but interesting just the same), is Epson’s small, highly convenient, $69.99 (MSRP) Perfection V19 Color Scanner. Light and portable, inexpensive and convenient, this is not a professional photo scanner, but it should serve the average household or individual well.

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