OKI’s MB492 Multifunction Monochrome Printer

It’s not often that I recommend a laser-class multifunction printer over the most recent fast and inexpensive-to-use high-volume inkjet, but that’s because finding one that’s faster and cheaper-to-use than many of today’s business-centric inkjets has become increasingly difficult. Meanwhile, high-volume inkjet MFPs from Canon, Epson, HP, and Brother, and alternative inkjet printhead technologies from both HP and Epson, increasingly get better and better, while laser-class technology stays pretty much the same.

Before we get started, though, let me point out that the topic of this review, OKI’s $599 MSRP MB492 Multifunction Printer, is an LED laser-class machine that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) arrays, rather than lasers, to burn the page image onto the print drum, so that it can transfer toner to the paper. LED arrays are smaller, lighter, have fewer moving parts, use less power, and cost less to manufacture than standard laser printers. Otherwise, they look and operate much the same.

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