OKI Data’s Fast and Cheap-to-Use B512dn Monochrome Printer

All some businesses need is a super-fast monochrome printer capable of churning out reams of pages economically. If you think about it, there are still plenty of applications out there—mortgage title companies, auto finance departments, medical offices, to name a few—that require printing stacks of monochrome documents. Traditionally, companies have relied on laser (or laser-class LED-array) machines

for these tasks, but recent advancements in inkjet technology, such as HP’s PageWide and Epson’s more recent (2014) PrecisionCore, as well as better performance and lower per-page ink costs in general, have begun to supplant laser technology.

To the point, in fact, that many high-volume inkjet machines easily out perform their like-and higher-priced laser-class counterparts in nearly every way, including print speed and cost per page, or CPP. Currently, inkjet technology appears to be winning this tug-of-war, but some applications require laser output. If yours is one of them, OKI Data’s relatively new $499 (MSRP) B512dn Monochrome Printer, with its 100,000-page maximum monthly duty (the number of pages OKI says you can print each month without undue wear on the printer) and relatively low cost per page, might be the machine you’re looking for.

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