Occasional-Use Excellence with Epson’s WorkForce WF-2660 All-in-One Printer

One of the things I hate about reviewing entry-level printers is that while they are often good little printers in their own rights, something about them—usually their operational costs—is wrong, or at least too high to make sense to all but small- and home-based businesses with very meager print and copy volume requirements. And that’s the (only serious) problem with the topic of this review, Epson’s $149.99 (MSRP) WorkForce WF-2660 All-in-One Printer; it costs a lot to use.

In other words, it prints very well and reasonably fast, and the scanner makes excellent scans and copies. But it’s daily operational cost of consumables (in this case, ink, of course) makes using it, compared to like-priced competitors, too expensive, to the point that if you print a lot, more than say a few hundred pages per month (and that might be pushing it), unless money is no object, this is probably not your printer.

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