High Quality & Volume with Canon’s MAXIFY MB5320

Does MAXIFY mean Canon finally understands small business?

Hardly. What it means is that, regardless of the number of laser printer print engines Canon makes for itself and HP, the company can no longer deny that high-volume inkjets are edging laser-class devices out of small- and medium-size businesses (SMBs) at a good clip. Put frankly, Canon wants in on the action, hence the company’s new Maxify line of business-ready printers, which, so far, includes four MFPs and one single-function machine.

My primary disappointment after looking at the $199.99 (MSRP) MB2320 earlier was that, like Canon business printers of the past, this one had, at least where monochrome prints are concerned, a high per-page cost of operation, or cost per page—a killer for a high-volume business printer. In fact, inherent in the label “high-volume” is the understanding that as such it should print hundreds, even thousands of pages each month at a very reasonable cost per page.

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