Fujitsu’s ScanSnap iX500 Document Scanner

Surely, you’ve seen those commercials for NeatDesk scanners designed to help you scan and organize the business cards, receipts, and other bits of paper in your life? As easily the most well-known document scanner and digital filing system, much of the proprietary NeatDesk application consists of online services with annual fees that increase the overall cost of the solution. (Although, often you can find it with up-to three-month trial periods.)

The $499.95 (list) NeatDesk and the other “Neat” scanner products are designed with a high-level of hand-holding involved, and are most likely advantageous for those with the discipline to diligently scan and catalog their paper business cards, receipts, bills, and other business-oriented bits of paper. For those who may not need this level of supervision (or perhaps the additional fees are off-putting), the topic of this review, Fujitsu’s $495-list ScanSnap iX500, provides an alternative solution.

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