Canon’s MAXIFY MB2320 – Does MAXIFY Mean Business?

A reading of my reviews of Canon’s “MX” office-centric AIOs over the years should confirm that I never have really considered them viable business-optimized multifunction printers (MFPs). Historically, compared to some other business-oriented all-in-ones, the Pixma MX AIOs have been slow, low-volume, and expensive to use, in terms of per-page operational cost, or cost per page (CPP).

In fact, a common complaint from not only me but several other reviewers about all Pixmas is that they cost too much too use. So much so that no matter how well they print business documents (and most Pixmas print document pages very well), they just don’t make very efficient document printers. The good news is that rather than try to fix that hopelessly flawed MX model, Canon has recently released a new Maxify line of business printers.

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