HP Scanjet Enterprise Flow 7500 Flatbed Scanner

About.com Rating    4 out of 5

My first scanner, an HP flatbed Scanjet capable of scanning only one side of one page at time—without you having to manually load and unload the next sheet, that is. And, even worse, it supported only 256 shades of gray; it couldn’t scan colors (All scans were converted to grayscale.); and it couldn’t scan pages larger than 8.5×11 inches (letter size). All for the bargain price of about $1,250, or about the cost of the subject of this review, HP’s Scanjet Enterprise Flow 7500 Flatbed Scanner.

Sound expensive? For a midrange document scanner, perhaps at first glance, prior to investigation, it is. However, this Scanjet’s features, bundled software, and capacity (depending on how you use it), possibly make it more of a value than competing document scanners from Epson, Canon, and Fujitsu.

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