Content Galore, and More, with Printer Apps

I don’t’ know whether you’ve noticed it or not, but over the past few years our printers have gotten a lot smarter. Surely you’ve heard of “hands-free” smartphone operation for your car? Over the last five years, or so, a relatively new phenomenon—PC-free operation—has come to a multifunction or single-function printer near you. No longer are you, due in large part to small apps on your printer that allow you to snag and print content from literally all over the Internet, relegated to just simple scans and copies executed from the control panel.

Nowadays, printers act a lot like computers.

For this to happen, for your printer to reach out and download, well, essentially, documents from the Internet, the machine in question needs, quite simply, must contain the ability to browse Web. What it needs, in a sense, is its own built-in Web browser.

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