Wi-Fi Direct – Wireless Printing Sans Network

By now, we all know what a Wi-Fi, or wireless, network is, and it’s probably safe to assume that most of us have one in either our home or office—or both. Plus, you’ll also find Wi-Fi networks all around your town, such as the local coffee shop, motel, and library. But did you know that many of today’s wireless devices, including wireless all-in-ones (AIOs) and single-function printers, as well as many smartphones, tablets, and laptops, come with a service—Wi-Fi Direct—that allows you to connect your mobile device to your printer without either device initially becoming part of a local area network (LAN), wireless or otherwise.

In other words, through Wi-Fi Direct, many of today’s mobile devices can print directly to many of today’s wireless printers, without the need for an intermediary network.

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