The Core i7-5960X, Intel’s First 8-Core CPU

THE CORE I7-5960X, INTEL’S FIRST 8-CORE CPU: FAST, EXPENSIVE, AND COMING SOONAfter countless articles and much anticipation, Intel is reportedly about to release some of the first processors based on its Haswell-E specifications, which will, of course, support DDR4 memory and 8-core processors. However, of the three Haswell-E Core i7 CPUs expected, only one of them, the Core i7-5960X, will actually come with 8 cores, and it will sell for $999. The other two, the i7-5930K and i7-5820K, will contain only 6 cores, which is the same number found in the current Ivy Bridge-E generation processor.

Read the entire review at Digital Trends.


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