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Introduction to ExcelOne of the very first personal computer (PC) applications was the spreadsheet, and one of the first spreadsheet creation and editing programs was Microsoft Excel. Nowadays, Excel comes preinstalled on nearly every new Windows machine—PC, tablet, and smartphone—which constitutes about 90 percent of today’s computing device market, and a huge majority of businesses use Excel in one capacity or another.

Increase you viability in the workforce, learn to use Excel. Upon completion of this course, you will understand the basics (and more) of creating spreadsheets, as well as several advanced data manipulation concepts—to prepare you for using Excel in today’s business environment, which will in turn make you a much more valuable employee (or perspective employee).

Here’s the syllabus:

Week 1: Introducing Microsoft Excel

  • Using Excel 2013 Locally or Excel 365 in the Cloud
  • The Almighty Spreadsheet
  • Working with Workbooks
  • Working with Multiple Windows & Views
  • Anatomy of a Spreadsheet — Cells, Columns, & Rows
  • Types of Data Excel Supports
  • Entering Data
  • Data Entering Shortcuts
  • Importing Data
  • Moving, Inserting, & Replacing Data
Week 2: Formatting Spreadsheets
  • Displaying Data Effectively
  • Design, Layout, & Format
  • Freeze Panes & Other Neat Tricks
  • Using Predefined Designs & Templates
  • Headers and Labels
  • Borders and Shading
  • Formatting Columns
  • Formatting Rows
  • Formatting Cells
  • Wrap & Merge
  • Reformatting Worksheets
Week 3: Manipulating Data
  • Manipulating Data in Excel — An Overview
  • Sorting Data
  • Data Validation & Consolidation
  • Working with Formulas
  • What-If Analysis
  • Error Checking
  • Automating with Macros
Week 4: Displaying Data Visually
  • Charting Data — An Overview
  • Using the Right Chart or Graph for Your Data
  • Charting Your Data
  • Titles, Legends, Labels, & So On
  • Reformatting Your Charts
  • Deploying Your Data & Charts in Word
  • Deploying Your Data & Charts in PowerPoint
  • Data & Charts in Portable Electronic Documents
  • Inserting Images & Shapes
  • Review Mode & Comments
  • Working with Your Team in the Cloud
  • Printing Your Workbooks

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