Fujitsu Stylistic Q572 Tablet PC – Security Gone Mad

Fujitsu Stylistic Q572 Tablet PC Review and RatingsFew of today’s tablets hit a happy medium between consumer-centric fun and business-optimized practicality. The former gets most of the love, with most slates we see leaning toward social media and media consumption, rather than running business applications. To that end, most of the full-size (10.1-inch) slates we review focus on delivering great-looking graphics on screens built into sleek, attractive chassis, instead of concentrating on the security and durability features many business users need.

One company that consistently bucks that trend, offering no-nonsense, business-ready tablets, is the information-tech and communications giant Fujitsu. Case in point is the Stylistic M532, an Android slate we reviewed back in September 2012—one of the first Androids built to meet military-grade durability standards. That slate and earlier Windows 7 Fujitsu models, much like the Windows 8 model we’re reviewing here today, the $879-list Stylistic Q572 Tablet PC, placed practicality in business settings way above leisure functions and style.

Fujitsu Stylistic Q572 Tablet PCWith this latest model, though, Fujitsu has pulled out all the stops. Not only is this slate durable, but, as you’ll see in the Features & Apps section a little later in this review, the list of security features—which includes a CompuTrace-enabled BIOS, a fingerprint reader, and a SmartCard reader—is very impressive. We haven’t tested a slate to date that’s so well-protected.

In addition to providing security on every front, the Q572 comes with a slew of other business-ready enhancements (mobile broadband, stylus-pen support, and a swappable battery), as well as a wide range of connectivity options, including full-size USB and HDMI ports. In fact, aside from, perhaps, an infrared (IR) emitter and face-recognition, we can’t think of any other reasonable features Fujitsu could have stuffed into this exceptionally full feature set.

The Stylistic Q572, then, is one well-endowed tablet, which explains its high price. What also makes it distinctive is that it’s the first slate we’ve seen that runs on AMD’s low-power, mobile-optimized Z-60 accelerated processing unit (APU), which AMD is offering as an alternative to the Intel Atom processors seen in most new Windows slates. It’s a bold move, to be sure. As you’ll see in the Performance & Conclusion section at the end of this review, even though the AMD chip has a 64-bit data path (compared to the 32-bit Atom), the Q572 struggled with many of our performance tests.

Fujitsu Stylistic Q572 Tablet PC Lying DownA complaint we’ve had about most Fujitsu tablets is that their screens are often lackluster compared to many competitors’. The ones we’ve seen simply have not been as brilliant and color-rich, and this one is no exception. Videos, images, even Web pages appear somewhat washed out and subdued, to the point that the best praise we can give is that it’s, well, adequate. Adequate enough for Web browsing, word processing, e-mail, and other typical business applications, but at no time will anything on the screen jump out and wow you. If media consumption is high on your list of priorities, this is not your tablet.

The Stylistic Q572 comes in only one standard configuration, which includes 4GB of RAM and a 64GB solid state drive (SSD). As mentioned, this model lists for $879. However, you can special-order this slate on Fujitsu’s Web site with additional RAM and larger SSDs (128GB or 256GB). Alternately, you can opt for a 64GB or 128GB SSD with Full Disk Encryption (FDE), for added security. Prices, of course, depend on the options you choose. (We should add that you can also get this slate with Windows 7 instead of 8 for the same price.)

At first glance, the Q572’s price may seem a bit high. However, considering this slate’s wide range of features (among them the replaceable battery, mobile broadband, stylus support, and the security options), $879 doesn’t seem that far off the mark. We did find its less-than-stellar performance and somewhat washed-out screen concerning, though. If you need a slate for watching videos, viewing photographs, or playing games, this one will disappoint you.

Our bottom line? The Stylistic Q572 works in strictly-business settings where security is important and display quality doesn’t matter much. Its durable build, support for mobile broadband, and the ability to swap out the battery make it suitable for long shifts on, say, factory and warehouse floors. As a business tool, it would serve you more adroitly—in certain settings—than most consumer-oriented tablets. Conversely, many consumers would find it lacking on a few key fronts.

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