Canon Pixma MX922 – Great Output at a Cost

Canon Pixma MX922 Wireless Office All-in-One Printer Review and RatingsFor some time now, we’ve been watching Canon release updates to its MX line of all-in-one (AIO) Pixmas, which are geared toward small and home offices. (“MX” is the company’s business-model designation, as opposed to its “MG” photo-optimized Pixma models.) Like clockwork, about every 12 months, we receive a batch of MX Pixmas that are, frankly, just not all that different from their predecessors. Sure, we’ll see a few modest new features here and there, such as support for cloud sites or tweaks to how the machines can print from mobile devices. But seldom in recent memory has the Japanese imaging giant sent us a printer re-engineered to the point that we’d sit up and go “Whoa!”

And that’s also the case with Canon’s latest business-centric Pixma, the $199.99-list Pixma MX922 Wireless Office All-in-One Printer. Aside from a classier-looking chassis and support for printing onto printable-surface CDs and DVDs, the Pixma MX922 is much like the Pixma MX892 we reviewed back in June 2012, and the Pixma MX882 a year before that. Just like the two previous models, the MX922 prints above-average–looking business documents and photos, but it does so more slowly than most competitors. Furthermore, its per-page operational cost, or cost per page (CPP), is too high for an AIO in this—or any—price range, especially when printing black-and-white pages.

Canon Pixma MX922Don’t get us wrong: As with most other Pixmas, we found a lot to like about this one. It’s attractive and well-built, and it comes with both an auto-duplexing automatic document feeder (ADF) and a print engine that, between them, prints, scans, copies, and faxes two-sided multipage documents without user intervention. What’s unusual about this business-optimized Pixma, though, is that it uses Canon’s five-ink imaging system. Our experience with this system, in both the business-oriented MX models, as well as the photo-optimized MG Pixmas, is that it churns out exceptional-looking graphics and photos—especially photos.

So, what you get with the Pixma MX922 is essentially an office printer capable of printing photo-printer-quality images—the best of both worlds. Our reservations here, though, are two-fold. First, as mentioned, is this model’s high CPP, which we’ll discuss in detail in the Setup & Paper Handling section a little later in this review. Second, it’s slow. Even though the Pixma MX922 comes with a relatively high-volume input tray (250 sheets), which suggests it’s designed to meet the needs of small and home-based offices with relatively high print-volume requirements, the speed numbers we saw say otherwise.

Combine the high CPP with the Pixma MX922’s sluggishness, and it misses the mark as a high-volume office printer. By definition, $200 business-oriented AIOs should print documents faster than photo-optimized models, and they should deliver better value, in terms of how much they cost to use. Hence, based on its print quality and overall abundance of productivity and convenience features, we can recommend the Pixma MX922 only with a caveat: For a budget-minded small office, this really is an occasional-use, low-volume solution.

Canon Pixma MX922 PrintingIf all you care about is print quality, though, and operational expense and speed are secondary considerations, you’ll find a lot to like in the Pixma MX922.

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