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Today, mobile devices outnumber desktop and laptop computers three to one. Skill in developing web sites that work on mobile devices is in demand, and this friendly, step-by-step guide shows how to build and optimize sites using HTML5 and other standard web development tools. Building web sites that work for all types of smartphones and tablets, including iPhones, iPads, Android devices, and BlackBerry devices is a skill much in demand as mobile devices outpace both desktop and laptop computers, and this book gets you started.

HTML, CSS and JavaScript Development for Dummies at Amazon
This user-friendly guide to selecting and using multimedia authoring tools is for hobbyists, aspiring multimedia developers and business people. You’ll find straightforward reviews of popular programs, and step-by-step instructions for creating interactive applications. The companion CD supplies demonstration versions of products discussed in the book, plus reusable interactive applications.
Even if you don’t buy into the prospect of the paperless office, you have to agree that Adobe Acrobat and its Portable Document Format (PDF) have revolutionized the way organizations ranging from the Internal Revenue Service to software publishers distribute information. Now, with Adobe Acrobat For Dummies, you can discover how to use the latest, most multimedia- and Web-capable Acrobat release. In this practical, easy-to-understand reference, you can find out how to use Acrobat to take just about any kind of document, whether created in a word processing or spreadsheet program or in a professional desktop publishing program, and transform it into a document that anyone can open on any computer. Best of all, your documents always look the way they’re supposed to look and print the way they’re supposed to print. If they didn’t, the IRS wouldn’t have chosen Adobe Acrobat as the standard for the hundreds of official forms and guides it makes available on its Web site.
Many books can show you how to use presentation software, but only Freelance Graphics For Dummies shows you how to write, produce, and then deliver your presentation effectively. A team with years of expertise in presentation software and communications, authors William Harrel and Roger C. Parker deliver here their own one-of-a-kind presentation on how to . . . Produce 35mm slides, overhead transparencies, and electronic screen shows Create charts that get your point across.

Plus, Harrel and Parker reveal their own secrets for analyzing audiences, using color effectively, and projecting professionalism.

by Bill Harrel (Author), Rob Sonner (Author), Darien Kruss (Contributor)Everyone from professional designers to multimedia buffs will discover the best ways to manipulate images and get them ready for publication with this essential guide to Adobe Photoshop! Starting with the basics, the book explains how to work with all kinds of electronic images. Includes a beautiful 32-page, full-color gallery of examples. Users get innovative ideas for disciplines such as desktop publishing, advertising, animation, multimedia, and other specialized fields.

To fully understand a sophisticated graphics program like CorelDRAW 8, it’s important to read the documentation. However, many tips, tricks, and insider secrets just aren’t covered in the user’s manual. You could probably find some of this information by scouring the Internet or talking with fellow CorelDRAW users, but now there’s an easier way to get the full scoop on CorelDRAW — and it comes complete with tutorials and samples.CorelDRAWâ„¢ 8 Secrets helps you take advantage of the program’s exciting new capabilities and undocumented features. The book reveals the techniques for harnessing CorelDRAW’s hidden power and unlocking your creative talents. Learn how to customize your workspace, discover new tools, create distortion effects, build custom palettes, design Web projects, and much more
Written for users with previous experience in QuarkXPress 4, QuarkXPress 4 In Depth builds upon fundamental design and layout knowledge by thoroughly exploring and detailing the software’s many features and components.

True to its In Depth claim, this book plumbs the farthest extent of the software’s capabilities. For example, chapter 10, which focuses on the management of “Long Documents,” begins with a logistics checklist that outlines crucial elements of the design process, including the delegation of authority and the overall organization of the project. Once these preliminary tasks are completed, the chapter launches into the technical procedures required for managing the document using QuarkXPress tools such as its book palette, which allows for the combination and consolidation of multiple small documents, creating lists, and constructing an index using each of the indexing tool’s features.

For years you’ve laid out pages with PageMaker. Now Macworld PageMaker 6.5 Bible lays out the broad array of features available in Version 6.5 of PageMaker, one of the top desktop publishing programs around. Authors and desktop publishing experts William Harrel and Craig Danuloff share their own techniques for achieving immaculate typography, importing text efficiently and accurately, setting up timesaving style sheets and master documents, and doing all the other things that distinguish the work of the best desktop publishing professionals. In Macworld PageMaker 6.5 Bible, Harrel and Danuloff even show you how to take advantage of one of PageMaker’s most exciting new capabilities – publishing HTML documents for the World Wide Web. Plus, Macworld PageMaker 6.5 Bible includes a valuable bonus CD-ROM containing a trial version of PageMaker 6.0, clip art, high-res photos, and files to accompany the book’s hands-on instructions.

Macinsosh and Mac OS from A-Z. Authors William Harrel and friends dwelve deep into the world’s friendliest graphical interface.

This book covers features unique to Macintosh, such as native PostScript, builtin color correction, and QuickDraw.

Unlike other books on CorelDRAW, CorelDRAW 7 Secrets covers all of the applications within this graphics suite: Besides CorelDRAW, the illustration package, there’s also Corel Photo-Paint, CorelDREAM 3D, and many utilities. The authors assume that you’re already familiar with the suite and want tips on using the package’s tools to create sophisticated artwork. First, the authors explain the CorelDRAW interface and how to customize it, and then they discuss how to use the drawing tools; manage objects and layers; work with text, colors, and fills; create special effects; and output your work to slide recorder, printer, film, and offset press. Next you learn about the other applications in coverage that’s so extensive it includes using templates and clip art.Throughout the book you get design advice, detailed discussions of features, and step-by-step instructions on using those features. Two full-color inserts illustrate color-management issues and show you how various artists produced different projects.

Ghost written by William Harrel,4 Weeks to a Better Back, is Dr. John C. Chiu’s ( complete back care manual. It covers everything to taking care of your back, to relieving back pain through specific types of exercises, to conventional and non conventional remedies for chronic back pain, including acupuncture and minimally invasive back surgery.

This book was not only written by Harrel, but was also illustrated, layed out and published by his graphics design firm.

Ghost written by William Harrel, Martial Arts: A Path to a Better Mind and Body, is Dr. Chiu’s informative book on using martial arts as a means to finding inner harmony and physical fitness.This book was not only written by Harrel, but was also illustrated, layed out and published by his graphics design firm.

Ghost written by William Harrel, 101 Ways to a Better Back, Dr. Chiu’s informative pocket guide to getting a better handle on your back and back pain.

This book was not only written by Harrel, but was also illustrated, layed out and published by his graphics design firm.

Ghost written by William Harrel, Endoscopic Spine Surgery And Instrumentation:

Interest in this area is increasing rapidly. The most rapid growth of endoscopic spinal surgery has occurred in the past 5 years, due largely to improvements in tools and instrumentation. A new book is therefore needed to instruct those spine surgeons entering into the field.

This book was not only written by Harrel, but was also illustrated, layed out and published by his graphics design firm.

The Practice of Minimally Invasive Spinal Technique

Ghost written by William Harrel, This textbook includes over 100 chapters, based upon the cumulative experience of over 800,000 spinal cases treated by over 140 contributors from all over the United States and countries around the world. It is intended for doctors and students who must keep pace with the rapidly expanding, innovative field of minimally invasive spinal medicine and surgery.

This book was not only written by Harrel, but was also illustrated, layed out and published by his graphics design firm.

Complete Book List:

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Mobile Development For Dummies: by William Harrel, Wiley, 2011

CorelDRAW 8 Secretss by William Harrel, Winston Steward, IDG Books, 1998

QuarkXPress 4 in Depthby William Harrel, Elaine Betts, Coriolis Group Books, 1998

Adobe Acrobat 3 for Dummies by William Harrel, IDG Books, 1998

CorelDRAW 7 Secrets by William Harrel, Winston Steward, IDG Books, 1997

Macworld PageMaker 6.5 Bible by William Harrel, IDG Books, 1997

The Multimedia Authoring Workshop by William D. Harrel, Sybex, Inc., 1996

Freelance Graphics 96 for Windows 95 for Dummies by William Harrel, Roger Parker, IDG Books, 1996

MacWorld PageMaker 6 Bible by Craig Danuloff, William Harrel,
IDG Books, 1995

CorelDRAW 5 Revealedby William Harrel, Prima Books, 1995

Using Photoshop 3, coauthor, Que, 1995

CorelDRAW 4 Revealedby William Harrel, Prima Books, 1994

CorelDRAW for Macintosh Revealed, by William Harrel, Prima Books, 1994

Using the Macintosh, coauthor, Que, 1994

Using QuarkXPress, Que, coauthor, 1994

101 Essential WordPerfect for Windows Tips by William Harrel, Compute Books, 1993

Illustrated CorelDRAW 3.0
, by William Harrel, Wordware, 1993

Learn Ventura 4.0 in a Dayby William Harrel, WordWare Publishing, 1992

Illustrated PageMaker 4by William Harrel, Wordware Publishing, 1991


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