Samsung ML-3712DW – Great Value

Samsung ML-3712DW ReviewSometimes, the basics are all you need: Some businesses and small offices just need a printer that can churn out copious amounts of black-and-white documents quickly and inexpensively. A point-of-sale environment, for instance, that prints invoices, receipts, and contracts day in and day out while customers wait doesn’t care about color, scanning, copying, or faxing. Or, if the users there do care, those tasks get handed off to a separate machine that won’t get in the way of the need to print, print, and print some more.

Samsung offers a highly workable—if slightly expensive—solution, the $299.99 ML-3712DW. A no-nonsense single-function monochrome laser printer, the ML-3712DW cranks out pages, even automatic two-sided prints, at impressive speeds, and, if you purchase Samsung’s highest-volume toner cartridge, it does so at a highly respectable cost per page (CPP).Samsung ML-3712DW Review

On the surface, $300 might seem like a lot to pay for a single-function monochrome device of this size. Most of the monochrome lasers we’ve looked at in this price range recently are multifunction machines. However, most of them cost significantly more to use on a per-page cost basis. If you use the ML-3712DW as it’s designed to function—that is, as a high-speed, high-volume workhorse—what you save on consumables (here, that’s toner) quickly compensates for its slightly high initial purchase price.

Granted, you can buy $300 multifunction color inkjets that print relatively fast and do everything, but comparing this somewhat niche-focused model to those machines isn’t really relevant. When we evaluate the ML-3712DW based on what it is—a low-cost, high-quality machine for continuous on-demand printing—it comes up a winner. Not everybody needs this kind of volume, but for those who do, this model delivers on three important levels: speed, print quality, and economical operational costs.

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