Canon Pixma MX432 – Yet Another High CPP Pixma

Canon Pixma MX432 ReviewLooking for an inexpensive printer? With this review, you’re in the right neighborhood, because few, if any, computer manufacturers offer more entry-level all-in-one (AIO) printers than Canon does. Case in point is the company’s 2012 rollout of not just one but three business-centric Pixma MX models under $150. (The “MX” designates Canon’s business-centric printers.)

We have on hand all three: the $79.99 Pixma MX372 (our review’s in the works), the $99.99 Pixma MX432 (reviewed here), and the $149.99 Pixma MX512 (reviewed at the link). While these three budget-priced printers vary widely in features, each one supports the basic functions you’d expect from any AIO: printing, copying, scanning, and faxing.

Canon’s typical approach, when releasing a bunch of similarly priced models like this, is to apply a graduated set of features across them, according to price. For example, the difference between our $99.99 Pixma MX432 and the $149.99 MX512 is that, for the additional $50, you get a 2.5-inch color LCD, support for printing from most popular memory devices, automatic duplexing (that is, the ability to print two-sided pages without user intervention), and a few other productivity and convenience features. In short, as the price goes up, the feature list expands.Canon Pixma MX432 Review

Were you to step down to the $79.99 Pixma MX372, for the $20 savings you’d give up wireless (Wi-Fi) connectivity and support for printing from PictBridge-compliant USB 2.0 devices. (As you might guess from the price, it’s a pretty basic printer.) Aside from these feature disparities, though, these three models are essentially the same inside their shells, with identical print engines and other internal mechanisms. The print quality and print speeds on all three are about the same.

As for that print quality and speed, the MX432, like the MX512 we tested recently, prints excellent-looking business documents and photos, mostly a little slower than average for a printer in this price range. Also like with the higher-priced MX512, the MX432’s ink costs a lot, if you measure the per-page cost. (These two Pixmas use the same ink cartridges.)

If you use your printer often, this model’s cost per page (CPP) will make doing so expensive. With that in mind, this AIO is a good choice only if your small or home office has low-volume copy and print requirements. If you can live with the high cost per page, though, the prints and copies you do get from this model will make you happy. In our tests, they were generally of exceptional quality.

See the full review at Computer Shopper.


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  1. I loved my 7 year old Canon MP780, but after dropping it, it wouldn\’t work. This new unit is slick looking and less bulky than my MP780, but that is the only good thing I can say about it.

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