RIM BlackBerry PlayBook (OS 2.0, 2012 Update)

RIM BlackBerry PlayBook (OS 2.0, 2012 Update) Review and Ratings
RIM BlackBerry PlayBook (OS 2.0, 2012 Update) – right the second time around.

Without question, the first release of the BlackBerry PlayBook was a constant and acute migraine for Research in Motion (RIM). Reviewers Internet-wide, including us here at Computer Shopper, were largely unimpressed with the BlackBerry maker’s first hack at the tablet market. The general consensus? This solidly built 7-inch tablet had some impressive hardware, but its weak operating system (OS) and lackluster selection of apps added up to a half-baked product.

Now, nearly a year later, much has changed. The BlackBerry PlayBook has a lower—much lower—price of $199, compared with the original $499, and a new-and-improved operating system. RIM also took the opportunity of the new OS to add in some key features that were missing before.

But a year in the tablet market is a very long time—practically forever—and things change quickly. 2012 has started with a new version of Android (4.0, also dubbed “Ice Cream Sandwich”) and the promise of a soon-to-be-released Windows 8 optimized for tablets. In addition, rumors of an Apple iPad 3 emerging by mid-2012 seem to be gelling into a near-certainty. (Indeed, we expect Apple to have some news on that front on March 7.) Is RIM’s revision of the PlayBook OS too little, too late?

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