Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 – an Old Favorite Remade

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus – Samsung quality with some glaring omissions.

Just over a year ago, Samsung’s first Android tablet, the original 7-inch-screened Galaxy Tab, was hailed as the first true competitor to Apple’s iPad. A noble excursion into the tablet market, that Galaxy Tab was, for its time, an impressive machine. It had a great screen, two cameras, expandable storage, and several other features that were missing on the first iPad (and that remain missing on the iPad 2).

After a full year, though, the Android 2.2 operating system (a.k.a. Froyo) on the Galaxy Tab had begun showing its age. Also, the tablet’s design was starting to look dated—at least as dated as any year-old piece of tech can. For both reasons, in early 2012, Samsung replaced this model with the Galaxy Tab 7 Plus.

Like Samsung’s other Android-based tablets—the Galaxy Tab 10.1and the Galaxy Tab 8.9—the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is a good-looking, well-built slate. However, a couple of Samsung’s design decisions, such as leaving out dedicated HDMI and USB ports (instead, relying on optional adapters), coupled with the promise of the company’s soon-to-be-released Galaxy Tab 7.7, gave us a few reservations about this tablet.

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