Kodak Office Hero 6.1 – Great Cost Per Page!

Kodak Office Hero 6.1
Kodak Office Hero 6.1 – a little slow, but dependable and easy on the pocket book.

Among inkjet printers you can buy today, it’s easy to typecast Kodak’s ESP line of single-function and all-in-one (AIO) models as the no-frills, supermarket brand. But like with some supermarket brands, if you choose right, you can save a bundle.

While not particularly stylish or fancy, the ESP machines generally deliver excellent output quality and value. In addition, the company has made great strides in providing some of the lowest operational costs on the market. Hence, we weren’t surprised with the strong feature set and good print quality found in the company’s Hero line of printers, new in late 2011. This all-new printer lineup consists of five models: the Hero 3.1, Hero 5.1, Hero 7.1, and Hero 9.1, as well as the Office Hero 6.1 (the model we reviewed here). The Hero printers range from entry-level, simple single-function machines to feature-rich multifunction AIO devices.

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  1. this kodak office hero 6.1 fax has been running the intulation disc for 5 hours now
    and still not picking a wireless conection up or usb
    it also askes for a security code but i carnt find on for it
    so what the hell is going on with it
    any one got any ideads

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