William Harrel Named Computer Shopper CE

Computer Shopper - William Harrel

Communications Technology Watch is happy to announce that William Harrel has been named Contributing Editor for the popular online magazine and buyers’ guide Computer Shopper. Harrel has a long history of writing about information technology, going back to the industry’s glory days, when monthly paper magazines–Computer Magazine, PC World, Windows Magazine, MacWorld, MacUser, and, yes, Computer Shopper–were popular and powerful. A favorable review in one of these publications could make an unknown product famous, and turn small, upstart companies into powerhouse corporations. Those days are over, and once two-inch-thick magazines are now a quarter or less of there size, those that survived, that is. The ones that did make it adapted to the medium of our era, the Internet. Computer Shopper made the transition successfully and is now a trusted Internet destination and source for well-researched and unbiased new product information and reviews–as it has always been. Harrel is currently covering the tablet, notebook and printer beats. See William Harrel’s articles here.

William Harrel – www.williamharrel.com


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