Windows 8 First Look – An All New Look

See Windows 8 First Look at Computer Shopper
Will Windows 8 make Windows usable on tablets?

Microsoft released a Developers Preview build of Windows last week. William Harrel and Computer Shopper were all over it. We wanted to know if it will improve the way Windows will run on tablets. Windows 7’s current implementation is clunky and unresponsive. The new Windows 8 is all about apps and completely reworked interface similar to the recently released version of Windows Phone 7. We looked at a very early pre-beta, but it answered our question as to whether Windows 8 is better suited for tablets. Take a look at the thorough and probing First Look at We’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the new look and feel of Windows 8.

Background: The New Windows
The Metro Style Interface
It’s All About the Apps
Touch and Go: Interacting With Windows 8
Typing and Stylus Input: Fingers On
Internet Explorer 10: A Peek at the New Browser
Managing Your Media: New File Handling
The Bulked-Up Task Manager
Pieces of Eight: Our Overall Impressions

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