HP’s New LaserJet Pro 100 – Slow, but Excellent Quality Prints

HP LaserJet Pro 100
HP LaserJet Pro 100, not nearly enough bang for the buck.

“In September 1994, Hewlett-Packard introduced the first Color LaserJet printer. It had 8MB of memory, printed color pages at the rate of two per minute, and retailed for—holy cow!—$7,295. Now, 15 years later, HP has introduced the LaserJet Pro 100 multifunction printer. (Unlike that first print-only model, this one prints, copies, and scans.) It has 128MB of RAM, prints color pages at the rate of four per minute, and retails for $349, more than 20 times less than that original color LaserJet. Fifteen years ago, very few businesses could justify or afford the luxury of a color laser printer. Nowadays, nearly every small or home-based business that wants to can take advantage of laser technology—and get a color copier and scanner to boot.” –

Quoted from “HP LaserJet Pro 100 Review“.


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