Introduction to Flash CS4 Course Launched

Finally, after several months of painstaking writing, editing and rewriting, my Introduction to Adobe Flash CS4 is ready to go over at Ed2Go. Begin your career as a Flash designer! In this course, you’ll learn how to create animated, interactive movies in Flash CS4. Nowadays, Flash movies appear everywhere—the Internet, the cinema, TV shows and commercials, computer games—everywhere. The skills you’ll learn will get you started on your way to a lucrative career designing animated graphics and special effects for one of these fun and exciting fields.

During this course, we’ll create a full-blown Flash application, complete with animated text and graphics, and interactive buttons. We’ll start by going over the Flash workspace, creating text and graphics, and animating objects on the Flash movie stage. Then, we’ll look in detail at the anatomy of a Flash movie—how to use the Flash timeline, layers and frames to control objects and timing on the stage.

While you can create an entire movie in Flash, most often you’ll need to import graphics, sounds, and digital videos from other applications. While creating your first Flash movie, you’ll learn how to format and embed external digital media and how to make them appear or play at specific times. We’ll also look at controlling digital media based on specific events, such as end user mouse clicks.

No course on Flash is complete without an introduction to ActionScript, Flash’s powerful programming language. We’ll get our hands dirty, creating interactive buttons with ActionScript 3.0. You’ll also learn to write scripts that control movie flow, and scripts that call to and load external videos, Web pages, and other Flash movie files.

As we create our movie, we’ll go over creating and animating 3-D objects, syncing sounds with animations, and publishing your Flash movies to the Internet. By the end of the course, you’ll know how to create and publish Flash movies and applications, and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a Flash designer.

Here a few links to some movies showing you the kinds of things you’ll learn in this course:

Here’s an example of the kinds of techniques you’ll learn during the course:

Again, the course is available on the Ed2Go network of schools, about 2500 colleges and universities, and the course carries full college credit. Check to see if your school offers the course or go to Ed2Go’s school list to find a course provider.

Hope to see you there.

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