Windows Mobile 7 – Come On Microsoft!


Is this Windows Mobile 7? Who knows. Will it be released this spring? Again, anybodies’ guess. Once again Microsoft is secretive and evasive. Don’t try to plan anything. Just wait to see what happens. With the disappointing release of Mobile 6.5, and some manufacturers, such as Motorola, deciding to opt out until next year’s release of Mobile 7, many of us are relegated to holding onto our 6.1 devices, watching and waiting, suffering from iPhone envy while Microsoft  gets its act together. Microsoft either doesn’t get the importance of brand loyalty, or they believe they have such a corner on the market that they don’t need loyal users. This may be true of the Windows platform running on PCs, but not so of mobile devices. Apple and Google are eating Microsoft’s lunch, and more and more users are scampering away from Windows Mobile. What should we do?

Mobile 6.5 – A Feeble Attempt at Placation

The reviews are in. Windows Mobile 6.5 is an ineffective band-aid, hardly worth buying a new phone. Most people will wait to see Mobile 7 (or bite the bullet and change their OS–enough is enough).

The following PC World article, entitled Windows Mobile 6.5 Arrives, Mostly Disappoints, sums up what most people think of Mobile 6.5:

The following article from Communications Technology Watch, sums up the frustration we’re all feeling over Windows Mobile in general:

Where is Mobile 7?

Now there’s a good question. Right now, nobody knows. It’s questionable as to whether Microsoft knows. There’s all kinds of speculation around the Web. The timeframe seems to be anytime next year. Helpful, right?

While I have found all kinds of post claiming dates ranging from mid- to late-2009 through early- to late 2010, the latest consensus seems to be 3rd or 4th quarter 2010 before we actually see devices running Windows Mobile 7, as in the following post from the folks over at Windows Phone Mix:

Hold the Phone! The folks over at are saying early next year:

Earlier articles are touting 3rd or 4th quarter 2009. But it seems pretty obvious that’s not going to happen.

Is Mobile 7 Worth Waiting For?

As Microsoft plugs along on its new mobile OS, iPhone and Android continue to get more and more feature rich and sophisticated. It’s really starting to look like Mobile 7 will be just another version of catch-up. Check out this feature review on Gizmodo:

Notice that this article was posted back in early 2008. At that time, these would have been ground-breaking features. Now, nearly two years later, they are just me-to’s.

Here’s a more in-depth early review from Pocket PC Central:

Looked good then, but today it’s nothing new.

The point is, now we’re waiting for our Windows phones to be as good as the competition. Not a great marketing position, Microsoft.

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