Using Photoshop Layers in Flash CS4

Here’s a quick and easy way to create a product color selection movie by importing Photoshop PSD files into Flash. Flash imports the PSD layers, distributes them to Flash Layers and aligns the images precisely on the Stage. This technique can save you a lot time. You don’t have to fiddle around with getting image alignment right in Flash. There are hundreds of applications for this technique.

You can learn this technique in William Harrel’s Introduction to Adobe Flash CS4 over at Ed2Go.

William Harrel –

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  1. Thanks for the kind words. But let me warn you that you can quickly outgrow this method with more than handful of popups in the same application. It’s much better to load and unload UILoader dynamically with AS3 in larger applications. I just did a site with about 50 informational popups on products. I had to find another way to make this work. I found the answer the same you found me.

    And, since you were kind enough to stop by and thank me, I’m gonna give a you a link to easiest way to deploy an unlimited number of UILoader popup without ever dragging the component to the stage or typing more that a couple of URLs handle and load as many external files as you want. This guy’s approach is nothing short of ingenious. And so darn simple it startling. But you gotta know AS3 pretty good and think like a computer to come up with stuff. I don’t.

    Thanks again. I have some other techniques I want to put up here, but my clients think there stuff is more important than me tinkering with this blog.

    He uses Loader, not UILoader, in his example, but I’ve deployed successfully simply by substituting UIloader in his code. Keep in mind that when you call UILoader to the stage with AS3, you have to import the UILoader class in your script:

    import fl.containers.UILoader.;


    Whoops, I forgot the URL:

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