Undo and Redo Made Easier for InDesign

Ok. So everybody knows that you can have multiple undos and redos in InDesign. The problem is that you have to continuously step backwards until you get your document back to where your want it. A bit of a pain.

Checkout MultiDo and EasyHistory from 65bit Software. The first plugin is free; EasyHistory is $9.99. Can’t beat that!

The Undo history panel in EasyHistory
The Undo history panel in EasyHistory


The plugin is available for both Mac and PC; however, as I write this it still has not upgraded to InDesign CS4. 65bit says it is coming soon.

Rather than going over the features here, here is a video showing you both products and how they work:


You can get the plugin here: http://www.65bit.com/products/easyhistorycs/easyhistorycs.shtm

Hey, for 10 bucks, you can save yourself some time. My time is worth more than that!

William Harrel – www.williamharrel.com

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