VoIP, Broadband TV Bundles in California

Are you looking for a VoIP, broadband and TV bundle equivalent to what the big guys–Verizon, AT&T, Time Warner–are selling? If you are like me, you’ll try to stay away of these huge monopolies whenever possible. They run these cute little ads trying to convince you they are just plain folk offering products to us plain folk, when in reality they are meglo-monsters hell bent on cornering the market. They could care less about you. All they really want is to get you into a contract and then treat you like a peasant.

I’ve been using a Southern California firm, Aerioconnect (www.aerioconnect.com) for a quite some time now. I haven’t had any downtime, they always answer their phone and are quick to respond to my requests for information.

They have their own Internet and voice services based at One Whilshire in Los Angeles, the main Internet Hub for Southern California, and they provide DirecTV for programming. Lots of people prefer DirecTV to cable.

Before you call a monopoly, call Aerioconnect.

Bill Harrel – www.williamharrel.com

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  1. The problem I have with my Verizon service is that tech support is terrible. Does Aerioconnect have 24-hour support?

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