ThemeDreamer WordPress Theme Editor Problem

I found this would-be nifty little WYSIWYG theme editor for WordPress Themes. Problem is, I can’t get it to work.

ThemeDreamer, an Xtension for Adobe DreamWeaver, is supposed to make WordPress themes easier to edit. When you open a WordPress theme in DreamWeaver, it looks somthing like this:

A WordPress theme opened in DreamWeaver
A WordPress theme opened in DreamWeaver

With ThemeDreamer installed, it is supposed to look something like this:

A WordPress theme opened with ThemeDreamer installed
A WordPress theme opened with ThemeDreamer installed
Cool, huh? Problem is when I install it in DreamWeaver CS4 it doesn’t do anything. The page is not rendered and the ThemeDreamer buttons are not live.
I contacted ThemeDreamer support.
They asked me to try a couple of things, which I did. I emailed them back telling them their suggestions didn’t work, and they responded telling me to do the same things again. I see from their blog that some people are using it and are pleased with the results. However, my experience has not been good and their support has not been good either.
Maybe you’ll have better luck. You can get the Xtension at:
I’ll keep you posted on what happens.
William Harrel –



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  1. ThemeDreamer support has contacted me with the following response:

    Hello Bill,
    We have confirmed an issue related to CS4 on Vista Business and are diligently working on a bug fix to be included in our next release. We apologize for this inconvenience. As a registered user, you will be notified of the next release, version .4 that will address this issue.

    ThemeDreamer Support.

    Bill Harrel

  2. Hello William, we’re a small organization (and sometimes it feels like a small world), so we wanted to personally let you know that ThemeDreamer version 0.4.1 has been released and should address your CS4 related woes. Please let us know if you are still having issues, and we’ll most certainly do all that we can to assist you!

    Best Regards,
    Steve Carroll

  3. I am happy to report that I have ThemeDreamer up and working and it is working well. Much of the problem was mine. Apparently you cannot edit or render WordPress templates on the remote server. You must edit them locally and then upload them.

    Anyway, it is installed now and working correctly and is very helpful.

    Bill Harrel –

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